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Exclusively working with Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Obviously the quality of the product is bar none superior to anything we have had in the past and we have reduce waste.

We have had French lessons in our Longmont store on Saturday mornings for years and have heard “If only we could get croissants like we had in France!” – now they can!!

We appreciate the professional, yet friendly, attitude of Chef Julien!

Every one of our stores is different in what is the favorite pastry and with the great selection we can always have those favorites on hand.


GM, Brewing Market

La Belle is consistently delicious and high quality product, every batch.

La Belle is an excellent vendor to business service.

Chef Julien is Professional, reliable and highly creative.


Owner, East Simpson Coffee Company

La Belle French bakery is easy to work with as well as an organized business and it makes it easy for me. It’s very easy to train my staff on ordering with La Belle French bakery.

Owner, Bardo Coffee House

La Belle is a true French bakery.

Thanks to La Belle, I don’t have waste anymore.

La belle pastries are fantastic and Chef Julien effort to always improve and get feedback makes me feel like myself and the success of selling baked goods in our location is in the best hands.


Owner, lvibe

Our European styled bistro named Aperitivo located in the north Boulder neighborhood Gunbarrel features La Belle pastries and desserts and has since our opening day…

The freshness, quality , value and delivery options are the reasons we are a long term customer of La Belle French Bakery.

Chef Julien is always working on new bakery and dessert products allowing our restaurant to offer creative and new menu items to our guests.

Thank you Chef Julien for your support…

Miguel Vazquez

Executive Chef, Aperitivo

The best croissant outside of France.

La Belle French bakery is authentic!

I choose La Belle for the great taste.


Owner, Flatiron Coffee

The personalized care given makes La Belle feel like a neighborhood bakery! It’s as if I’m ordering pastries from grandma and she drops them off the very next day!! (Only this time Chef Julien is “grandma”)

The quality and selection is unmatched by any other bakery! I am blown away with the quality and CONSISTENCY of the pastries week in and week out

OUR CUSTOMERS!! They absolutely love our pastries and they are the most important part of our business. If they are happy we are happy!!


Owner, Full Cycle

I choose la Belle for the customer service.

Everything about La Belle is high quality.

La belle is exactly like in FRANCE.

Agness Garrigou

Owner, Le french café

We choose La Belle for the quality. Thanks to La Belle, I have minimized waste and my customers love La Belle pastries!

Café Manager, Anythink Café

I love LaBelle for so many reasons. The consistency of the product to begin…with a handmade product like croissants and cruffins, we always know our guests will be impressed with the classic french recipe.

Julien is a pleasure to work with as a young chef and entrepreneur, his charisma and professional is something you see less often in the food industry.

Not to mention we love the smells and tastes of all these french goodies in our kitchen! It’s like being in Paris, only better because you don’t have to take an 8+ hour flight to get your fresh croissants!

Looking forward to another great year partnering with La Belle.


Owner, Mezcla Maggie Catering

Chef Julien is a very talented pastry chef and it shows in his La Belle pastries. The flavor, the care, the presentation of his products say: “quality” and our customers confirm that. I’ve lost count on the number of times our customers compliment La Belle’s pastries on their flavor.

Chef Julien is the ultimate professional. He’s always keeping in touch with us, informing us on new products he’s making, checking to make sure La Belle’s pastries are coming out good, and resolving any issues promptly. As a business owner is a great relief to know that we have a vendor who will resolve product issues promptly, without escalating the issue, and cordially.

We truly wish that our small café could accommodate all of La Belle’s pastries because the selection is simply irresistible. Even if I’m partial to the Almond croissant. Just looking at the pictures of La Belle’s pastries makes our mouth water.

Chef Julien offers a varied selection of pastries that gives us lots of options. Having options in pastries is a great benefit to us as a café to be able to offer different selections to our customers. If one pastry is for some reason not appealing to our customer demographic, we have others to choose from. Even having three different flavors of the same pastry, such as the croissants, offers us a great selection to rotate in the store.

George & Nani

Owners, Loftea Café

We love La Belle for their high quality pastries and amazing customer service.

The owner is wonderful, he’s supportive of small businesses.

Buying La Belle helped us cut waste and the pastries are super delicious!


Owner, Mint and Serif

My customers are loving La Belle pastries and I choose La Belle for the efficiency
and for the quality.


Owner, Paul's Coffee & Tea

La Belle French pastries are authentic and are very consistent in quality.

La Belle offers very fast delivery from time of ordering to deliveries.

Judy & Vaughn

Owners, Zoe's Coffee House

We help to reduce your costs, boost your profit and upgrade your pastry selection.



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